Happy Clients


I worked with Mr. Kosyla with help with our community based organization. Alex was easy to work with, diligent and knowledgeable and helped us greatly. Would definitely recommend to others!

— Julie C.

I have never had such an amazing experience with attorneys. Ann was there for me 24/7 and patiently answered every question i had. A case that was prolonged a year was done within a month and she was so professional and made me really feel at ease.

- Kasia K.

Alex and Ann did excellent work handling my case! Very knowledgeable and professional. Enjoyed working with them!

— Tony D.


I contacted Alex Kosyla for help with a situation involving my roommate, who was being forced to move out by our management company because of a technicality. Unfortunately, he did eventually have to move out, but Alex made the transition as smooth as possible for us by making sure the company followed proper procedure in serving him notice, which bought my roommate a week of extra time to find a new living situation before he left. If Alex hadn’t had our backs, things would have been very different. Also, Alex always made himself available to answer my questions, and since I’m a nervous wreck, I had quite a few. He never made me feel like I was imposing at all. It’s a sure bet that he’s going to be my attorney from now on whenever I have a housing issue, and I hope you consider making him yours as well.

— Lindsay S.

I don’t normally write reviews but I have to express how amazing this firm is. Working with Alexand Anna is a true pleasure. Good people- you don’t get the vibe that they are here just to make a quick buck. They legitimately want to help and provide it with outstanding results. My business will only go thru this firm moving forward.

— Ovais S.

The lawyer I was able to work with at Leone & Kosyla was completely helpful in fulfilling all my legal needs. I would absolutely choose this law firm again and would advise anyone to do so. Thank you Leone and Kosyla LLC!

-Michael G.


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