Leone & Kosyla offers compassionate and attentive legal representation for our family law clients. Partner, Ann Leone, began her career with the Office of the Public Guardian, and uses her experience and insight to achieve the best results for our clients. Leone & Kosyla Law can help with matters that include divorce, joint parenting agreements, custody disputes, and mediation. We understand that these issues can be emotionally charged and delicate, which is why we make the needs of our family law clients and their children our top priority.

Leone & Kosyla Law is experienced at representing both landlords and tenants, and is committed to giving our clients the best advice possible in order to comply with the legal requirements imposed by Chicago law.

Leone & Kosyla offers full service representation in housing matters at reasonable prices, including drafting of leases and notices, service of notices, negotiations and litigation. We are committed to offering diligent, efficient and effective representation to get the best possible results for our clients. We understand that the eviction process can seem long and daunting for landlords, which is why we listen to our clients’ needs and concerns to get the results they want.

When Two Or More Parties Become Embroiled In A Legal Dispute Seeking Money Or Another Specific Performance Rather Than Criminal Sanctions, Civil Litigation Is The Result. They Must Instead Head To The Courtroom For Trial So A Judge Or Jury Can Decide The Matter.

A Lawyer Who Specializes In Civil Litigation Is Known As A “Litigator” Or A “Trial Lawyer.” He Represents Clients Across A Broad Spectrum Of Associated Proceedings, Including Pretrial Hearings And Depositions, As Well As Arbitration Or Mediation Before Administrative Agencies Or Court Personnel. Arbitration And Mediation Are Processes That Attempt To Guide The Parties Toward Settlement Without The Time And Expense Of Going To Court.



Leone & Kosyla Law prides itself on efficiency, ethics, achieving the best results for our clients, and, most importantly, client satisfaction. Se Habla Español.

Alex Kosyla & Ann Leone

Alex Kosyla & Ann Leone



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